Make it wider

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Eligibility Criteria for the "Make it Wider" Program

This specialized program is accessible to individuals who meet one of the following conditions:
• Completion of the beginner's program
• Existing experience with workout routines

Program Overview:

The "Make it Wider" training regimen is designed to act as your personal guide on the journey towards increased girth. You may follow this program until you notice a decrease or a complete stop in the widening of your penis. This change is an indicator that your penile tissues have adapted to the exercises. When this occurs, it's recommended to update your routine by integrating techniques from our 'Maximum Growth' program, which is tailored for individuals with a minimum of one year of training experience.

Safety Notice:

If you have not completed the beginner's program or are new to this type of physical training, there is a heightened risk of injury. This risk is due to the unprepared nature of the genital tissues and a vascular system that may not yet be conditioned for such intensive exercises.

Liability Statement:

Participants who begin the "Make it Wider" program without meeting the prerequisite of completing the beginner's course do so at their own risk. In these circumstances, we cannot be held responsible for any outcomes or assure the success of the program.

 You can also combine the program to increase the thickness with the program to increase the length of the penis.

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